What is Italian Disco Stories?

Italian Disco Stories highlights the artistry and the brilliance of the singers, set designers, songwriters, and costume designers active in the Italian disco-music scene. Browse the publication archives and subscribe to learn more.

Who Are The Authors behind Italian Disco Stories?

Italian Disco Stories is helmed by curator, producer, and music scholar Beppe Savoni, also known as Disco Bambino, and journalist and cultural critic Angelica Frey. Both are Italian-born but work and live in the United States.

Why Are You Publishing in English if The Most Performers Are Italian?

The answer is pretty straightforward: Italians are familiar, or at least aware, of most of the work we are highlighting—they might be active fans or followers or remember passively listening to this music on repeat while watching tv with their families. It’s a type of muscle memory similar to the one associated with Disney songs.

By publishing in English, we want the rest of the world to see the excellence of Italian singers, songwriters, music producers, set designers, and costume designers.

That being said, we will publish upcoming interviews with leading performers of the era in both languages if we see that the audiences want that.

How Often Do You Publish?

We aim to publish weekly posts, and we are currently in the process of interviewing singers, performers, and songwriters who created some of the most memorable disco hits. Get the Substack app to read with more ease.

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Italian Disco Stories spotlights the makers, the artists, and the performers who made Italian Disco a worldwide, genre-defining phenomenon


Music curator, producer and vinyl collector Beppe Savoni aka Disco Bambino and visual-culture journalist and writer Angelica Frey take you on an journey into Italian disco culture from late 70s, early 80s.
I am a visual-culture extraordinaire from the Old Continent. I write about the arts, culture, and music, mostly staying on the lowbrow beat. Read my work at www.angelicafrey.com A Substack will follow